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Photo Contest Results are in!

Thank you all for making our 2023 photo contest a success! With the added category we saw even more submissions this time around! Everyone from long-time DIY customers, builders, masons, and designers all took part in this year’s fun. And with the increase in submissions, came an increase in upsets throughout the judging process. After encountering one beautiful capture, the judges were surprised and challenged with even more!

Though before we get to this year’s contest winners, let’s take a minute to show some appreciation for the the runner ups. Though they’re not atop the podium, their beautiful work and photography skills still deserve proper kudos.


We wish we could have awarded them all, but we had to pick 3. So let’s get to it shall we?

BEST EXTERIOR PHOTO – Carlson Brick + stone

image of a home exterior featuring a cream and grey natural stone wainscot and matching pillars

Masonry: Carlson Brick & Stone; Stone: Sandpiper Cove

Getting right into it, here we have a simple yet striking capture that illustrates the ways a well-balanced stone blend, talented masonry work, and a killer eye for design can all work together in harmonious fashion. The designers and contractors really knew what they were doing here.

By establishing a visual ‘foundation,’ the natural stone wainscot and matching piers impress feelings of stability, permanence and grandeur. And by pairing the stone with exterior features like board and batten and shake siding, this home achieves a pleasing visual that delivers incredible impact today while still keeping this homeowner’s design options open into the future.

Where the pictured exterior design achieves this dramatic cohesion by expertly coordinating with the darker grey and brown tones in the blend, future homeowners could decide to ‘flip the focus’ and lean into the lighter creams and greys. With a simple coat of paint, this home could exhibit an entirely new look and feel. (Keep this in mind when considering your own selections!)

Thank you Carlson Brick & Stone for this great example of masonry magic at work!


Masonry: Sherman Masonry; Stone: Meadows Farm

Our second award goes to the talented artisan behind Sherman Masonry, Brad Sherman.

This impressive fireplace fits so perfectly in this interior design, we like to imagine that the home was built around it. The floor to ceiling stone surround both blends with the design and rises from it. It’s easy to see how a focal point like this would be impossible to miss.

The image itself is nearly monochromatic with varying tints of brown presented in the natural wood elements, wall color choices and interior décor selections. Though it does looks like the TV and firebox may have pulled some black into the mix.

Overall, we were over the top impressed with the exemplary design, photo, and masonry work. Great work to everyone involved!


Masonry: Tichy Stone & Brick; Stone: English Cottage

Our final prize is awarded for a category often overlooked when thinking about masonry: Outdoor Living.

While we mostly think of landscape supply when envisioning outdoor projects – today’s homeowners are driving demand for masonry in the landscape through beautifully imagined outdoor living spaces. These projects seamlessly blend the outdoor and indoor, creating permanent outdoor spaces that deliver the same comfort, feel and functionality as their indoor counterparts.

The outdoor fireplace and ‘living room’ here by Tichy Stone & Brick is a perfect example. Though outside under the sun and stars, this space provides the same comfort and amenities as guests would likely experience in the home’s great room. Comfortable seating, overhead lighting, and this week’s game only a remote click away really drives that feeling home. Where your average landscape installer may be challenged to install a permanent firebox and integrated electrical, for a talented mason it’s all in a day’s work.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful project and capture. Excellent work to the entire team!

Again, thank you to everyone who helped make our photo contest a success. If your project wasn’t ready in time for this year’s contest, don’t worry. There’s always next year!

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