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Sales Terms & Conditions

Hedberg Aggregates Inc.

GENERAL Sales & Product Return Policy

General Policies

The information contained in these policies is being provided to specific customers of Hedberg Aggregates, Inc. and its subsidiaries, Hedberg Home Brick + Stone (Hedberg).

  1. Possession of a price list or catalog is not an offer from us to sell. All orders are subject to acceptance by Hedberg. Prices shown in any price list are subject to change without notice.
  2. Our estimating is a free service. When we provide an estimate, it is to the best of our ability. We take no responsibility for our estimating. It is the customer’s responsibility to seek a second opinion or do their own calculations before ordering.
  3. All shortages, damages, product problems, or exceptions of any kind must be noted on delivery or brought to the attention of your salesperson or dispatcher within 48 hours of delivery.
  4. Square feet per ton yields have been averaged to the best of our ability and there will be some variations for which we cannot be responsible (ex. Variations in mortar joint thickness impacting yield)
  5. Stone is a natural irregular product. There will always be small pieces on a pallet and a certain amount of waste must be added when figuring your job. These small pieces are NOT returnable.
  6. Special pricing is valid only if quoted by management personnel or your sales professional in a written quote. Verbal quotes are NOT valid. Please ask for written quotes.
  7. Sales tax will be charged on all applicable items unless a tax-exempt certificate is on file in our accounting office.
  8. Payment is cash, check, or credit card without an open Hedberg Charge Account.
  9. To ensure our competitive pricing there is a 2.5% fee on quoted projects and any payments made on an open Hedberg charge account when paying by credit card after the 10th of the month following purchase.
  10. Hedberg Aggregates, Inc. reserves the right to protect our mechanic lien rights on all open accounts.
  11. We assess a $30.00 charge on all returned checks.
  12. Prices are subject to change without notice.

NO ALLOWANCE will be given after products have been installed.

Our responsibility will not exceed our selling price of the merchandise to our customer.

Product Return Policy

Credit will be given only for products purchased from Hedberg Home Brick + Stone according to the applicable product return policy.

Hedberg considers product returns to result from one of three possible occurrences.

  1. Quality issues
  2. Order processing or shipping errors.
  3. Customer accommodations.

Product Quality Issues:

While it is always our intention to ship only quality merchandise, we realize that off quality product may occasionally be shipped unintentionally. We will rectify product quality problems as quickly as possible with minimal inconvenience to a customer. However, we reserve the right to verify that a true quality problem exists and not just a difference of opinion. In the event of a return due to quality issues, we will first verify the complaint through any means necessary with the final decision being made by an authorized Hedberg representative. We realize that verification of the complaint may take time and we are prepared to ship replacement product as soon as possible. The suspect product may be returned later, if verified, or not returned if the complaint is not verified. In instances involving verified complaints, Hedberg will bear the return freight expenses, if applicable.

Order Processing and Shipping Errors:

Requested returns, based on order processing or shipping errors, will be handled immediately in a manner that minimizes the expense and inconvenience of the customer. If the customer agrees, Hedberg will consider the option of discounting the material rather than having it returned. Hedberg will bear the return freight expenses, if applicable.

Customer Accommodations:

Returns requested by the customer based on no fault of Hedberg will not automatically be accepted although there will be instances in which it is appropriate to consider some requests. After reviewing factors including but not limited to inventory levels, space, pending purchase orders for similar material, and the customer’s credit status, a determination to accept or deny these requests will be made. Restocking fees will apply. No accommodation returns will be accepted for non- stock, special-order or custom-made products.

Hedberg Aggregates, Inc. and its subsidiaries, Hedberg Home Brick + Stone will only accept returns within 60 days of original invoice date.

Refund Eligibility:

  1. No refunds will be granted without a receipt. It is always the customer’s responsibility to provide proof of purchase.
  2. All products must be in a resaleable condition in order to be eligible for return.
  3. No refunds are available for any non-stock, special-order, or custom order cut stone products.

Additionally, Hedberg does not provide credits for or accept returns of:

  • sand gravel
  • glacial boulders
  • rip rap
  • bagged products (including mortar color and cement products)
  • sealers
  • cleaners
  • adhesive
  • Custom order cut stone products

Definition of “Resalable Condition”

Clean, uncut product. Free of mortar, glue, sheetrock mud, etc. Boxed materials must be unopened or include proper sizes and quantities. No small pieces. Must have full range of color and no mixed stone types.

Refund Payment:

If original payment was made via:

Cash or Check: eligible refunds will be paid by check within 12 business days.

Credit Card: eligible refunds will be credited to the card used for the original purchase only.

Note: Although Hedberg Aggregates, Inc. and its subsidiaries, Hedberg Home Brick + Stone promptly processes all credit card refunds, the actual time it takes for a customer to receive the refund on their credit card account is dictated by the customer’s credit card company. Refunds exceeding $100.00 will be paid by check within 12 business days.

Hedberg Charge Account: Eligible refunds will be credited to the same Hedberg Charge account used for the original purchase only and any remaining balance will be paid out to customer upon request in December of each year.

Return Charges Policy

Returns of Palletized Natural Stone Veneer or Manufactured Stone Products:

These policies apply to all natural stone veneer, flagstone, or manufactured stone.

  • 10% restocking charge for full unopened pallets or boxes.
  • 25% restocking charge for partial pallets.*

*Partial Pallet returns will be accepted only if the stone is clean, usable (no large amounts of small pieces), and palletized separately by type and style. All these conditions must be met to qualify for credit.

Returns of Concrete Block or Brick:

  • 5% restocking charge for full unopened pallets of cement block or stocked brick.
  • 15% restocking charge for full unopened bands or full unopened layers of brick.
  • 15% restocking charge for partial pallets of block palletized separately by color, style and sizes.
  • 25% sorted products charge for mixed product colors or styles on the same pallet.
  • We will not accept returns of any block or brick that we do not show as stock in our computer system, catalog or noted otherwise.

Returns of Other Products:

  • 10% restocking charge for all other products defined as returnable in our policies and returned in original resalable condition. No credit will be given on any products that are not in original, resalable condition.

Additional Pick-Up Charges for Products Returned to Customer Jobsites:

  • A minimum pick-up charge of $110.00 plus applicable fuel surcharge will apply anywhere in the metro area with 3-4 days’ notice.
  • A minimum pick-up charge of $185.00 plus applicable fuel surcharge will apply anywhere in the metro area with less than 3 days’ notice.
  • The minimum pick-up charge applies only if material is palletized by the customer and set curbside for easy pickup by a Hedberg truck. Pickups must be curbside and ready unless prior arrangements have been made. Any additional labor at time of pickup will be charged at $120.00 per hour.

Returns of unreturnable product will be charged a disposal charge of $35.00 per ton and $3.00 per wooden pallet. If excessive labor is required to process a return, it will be charged at a rate of $100 per hour.

Non-stock and Special-Order Policy


Non-Stock Item: Any Item that is not listed in our current product catalogs or is listed and marked as non-stock (#) in our computer system or on our web site. Materials that our suppliers keep in-stock and can be ordered in without the material being produced for us.

Special-Order Items: Any item that is not listed in our computer system, current product catalogs, on our web site, and/or is created by or purchased by, Hedberg or a third-party vendor specifically for a customer, or for their project. This would include, but not be limited to specialty cut veneer, special size or color manufactured stone, natural stone, slabs, and fabricated cut stone.

Policy on Non-Stock and Special-Order Items:

Non-stock, special order concrete or clay items, such as pavers, brick, or block, are sold in full pallet quantities only. Should you need to return these items and our manufacturer will allow the return to their location, you will be charged the vendor re-stocking fees and transportation back to the vendor. Pallets must be factory wrapped & banded. Should your customer change their mind, it is your responsibility to make them aware of this policy before any changes are made. No refunds are available for any made or cut to order products.

Special Order Items only: Since this product is created and/or purchased by Hedberg especially for your project, a form of payment will be required prior to ordering of any product. The payment percentage is normally 100% and may be applied to your open account or we will preauthorize a credit card.

Stone & Concrete Purchases Policy

Due to the nature of Natural stone, concrete products (pavers, manufactured stone) and clay brick, they will vary in color and may have surface irregularities such as fossils, quartz seams, etc. the product that we provide may not match our samples exactly.

These characteristics are the natural beauty of stone that add uniqueness to each piece and project. It is your responsibility to make your customers aware of these facts.

No refunds are available for any made or cut to order products.

Pallet Return, Sorting and Picking Policy

Policy on Pallet, Bag, Basket, or Crate Returns:

Hedberg will gladly refund any wooden pallet, one-ton bag, basket, or wire crate deposits made at the time of purchase provided the pallet returned is in good, reusable condition only. The pallet, bag, basket, or crate must have been charged the deposit fee and it is the customer’s responsibility to provide proof of paid deposit.

List of Refundable and Non-refundable Pallets, Bags, Baskets, or Crates

Bagged cementClay pavers
Concrete blocksConcrete cleaners and sealers
TCC materialsBrick, fire brick and flues
1-ton shipping bagsNatural stone
Wire cratesManufactured stone
Cut stone shipping palletsFlagstone

*Hedberg Aggregates and its subsidiary will accept the return of non-refundable wooden pallets at no charge if in good condition. If wooden pallets are not reusable, a disposal cost of $3.00 per pallet will be charged.

Deposit Charges

  • TCC Materials pallet deposit charges are $21.00 per pallet. (#30971)
  • All other pallet deposit charges are $15.00 per pallet. (#13400)
  • One ton bag and basket deposit charges are $18.00 per bag or basket (#13401) Bag Filling (#13495)
  • Wire crate deposit charges are $150.00 per crate. (#13402)
  • A Frame deposit charges for stone slabs are $250.00 per A Frame. (#25728)
  • Some wooden crates do not require a deposit. Hedberg will accept the return of such pallets at a disposal cost to the customer of $3.00 per pallet. (#13496)
  • Cut Stone shipping pallet deposit charges are $25.00 per pallet. A credit of $20.00 will be refunded when returned. (#27854)

Time consuming sorting or picking of specific product:

An extra hourly charge of $100.00 per hour (#13492) may be added for sorting, picking, or selecting products for customers when to do so will take an excessive amount of time or effort. The decision of whether an extra charge is necessary will be made by the Manager, Operations Supervisor or Transportation Manager.

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