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Decisions about mortar color and installation techniques will make an impact on the overall look of the project. No matter your choice of veneer, the mortar details you choose will add immediate dimension and visual interest.


  • Standard Struck: Mortar is struck slightly back from the face of the stone.
  • Raked: Mortar is carved out more deeply, giving more depth and dimension.
  • Flush/Cut: Mortar is cut flush with the face on the majority of the stones; some mortar may overlap stone’s edges.
  • Over Grout: Mortar overlaps the edges of the stones, making the joints appear wider.
  • Grapevine: A line is etched into the center of mortar joint. Commonly used with handmade brick.


  • Dry Stack: Stone is installed, stone on stone; minimal or no mortar should be visible.
  • Tight: Roughly a ¼-inch spacing or tighter.
  • Standard: Roughly 3/8-inches to 1/2-inch.
  • Oversized: Anything over 1/2-inch; usually specified by the client.

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