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photo collage of various commercial masonry projects with brick and stone

Commercial Masonry Supply

The brick and manufactured stone brands you trust PLUS dozens of Naturally Affordable® thin veneer options – in stock and ready to ship.

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Hedberg Home Brick + Stone is your gateway to a new era of architectural brick and stone supply in Minnesota. Guided by extensive industry expertise, high quality standards, customer-centric values, and an unwavering commitment to value engineering, our team consistently delivers fresh perspectives that redefine masonry excellence in Minnesota and beyond.

By providing you direct access to today’s premier masonry products and actively incorporating new trends and industry innovations, we’re not just a supplier – we’re your partners in progress. Representing both the manufacturers you trust, and high-quality, emerging alternatives, Hedberg Home offers you access to the most thorough set masonry solutions available.

With an approach that’s tailored to your vision, we embark on a collaborative journey to help shape your projects and design your dreams. From sleek stone panels to the classic charm of architectural brick, we’re here to transform spaces into works of art. Explore our curated collection and discover how Hedberg Home Brick + Stone is helping redefine Minnesota’s architectural landscape.

Explore Our Architectural Brick and Stone Offerings:

Architectural Brick

Access the architectural brick options that fuse strength and style. From classic to modern, we have the perfect bricks to match your vision.

natural stone veneer

Go natural without breaking the bank with our Naturally Affordable® collection of thin veneers featuring dozens of artisanal stone blends only available through Hedberg Home Brick + Stone.

manufactured stone veneer

Achieve the look of natural stone with the enhanced affordability and color consistency brought to you by our premium manufactured stones.

Architectural Cast Stone

Experience the allure of architectural cast stone – a harmonious blend of elegance and durability. Custom cut-stone services also available.

Sills, Caps & Misc. Accessories

Never skip a beat with in-stock natural stone sills, caps, and other masonry accessories ready for immediate shipment and installation.



Hedberg Home’s dedicated showroom staff is always available to help you and your clients with your product education and selection needs. As an extension of your team, our goal is to provide an efficient process that makes you shine and ensure your clients leave happy and confident with the choices they make.

You’ll never find us helping customers with checkout or searching the yard for an order ready for pick-up. Instead, you’ll receive as much attention as you want or need after walking through our showroom doors.

Why Choose Us for Architectural brick and Building stone?

Minnesota Brick Experts

As the leading source for architectural brick in Minnesota, we understand the unique demands of the region. Our wide selection of brick types and colors ensures a perfect match for your projects.

Extensive Brick Supply

Elevate your construction with our wide variety of natural clay and manufactured brick products. From industry-leading thin brick options to the most substantial architectural bricks, our classic brick products help create spaces that exude warmth, character, and long-lasting durability.

Natural Stone Veneer Specialists

Experience the beauty of natural stone with our exquisite veneer options. From natural thin stone veneer, to full bed castle rock, contemporary stone panels, and everything in between, our building stone experts will help you bring the richness of building stone to your projects with confidence and ease.

Natural Stone Panels

Gain a fresh perspective on designing with architectural stone. These lightweight and versatile options open doors to creativity, providing a seamless blend of form and function.

Tailored Solutions

Your vision is our mission. We work closely with you to understand your requirements and offer the masonry solutions that align perfectly with your design goals.

Value Engineering at its Best

While we proudly represent renowned manufacturers, we’re also breaking the mold with high-quality, budget-friendly alternatives. Experience excellence without compromise.

Sustainability Matters

Embrace eco-friendly construction without sacrificing aesthetics. Our range of natural stones not only complements your commitment to sustainability but also adds a touch of luxury.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Rachel was amazing and so easy to deal with. Love knowing I can send my clients and designers in and everything is made easier. Thank you!”
Nick T
“Great selection, prices and customer service.”
Rebecca E
“We designed a stone chimney and hearth pad for a wood stove with Joe Saba's help, he (and others) were fantastic to work with and the project turned out great. We installed the material ourselves, having no experience, and while a little intimidating, Joe walked us through the design and install process which was incredibly helpful.”
Luke T
“Great vendor and partner for our Business, Chateau Brick and Stone. Selection is available, customer service has always been great and follow-up for our sales orders is timely.”
John S
“5 stars hands down! The staff behind the counter are great the team who does the loading 5 stars!”
Mitch H
“Dealing with Hedberg Home has been a great experience! Highly recommended for a wide selection of stone or brick for any home. 5 Stars!!”
Justin C
“They have great service, good prices and are easy to work with.”
Splitrock Services
“Great customer service. Ted took the time to explain about the different products and which would work best for my application. 5 star service!”
Marty M