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4 Fresh Stone Colors from Colorado meet Growing Trends in Minnesota and Beyond.

IMAGINING The Colors of Colorado Stone

When thinking about the stone colors of Colorado it’s easy to envision the contrasting lights and darks displayed in the awe-inspiring landscapes of the American Rockies. For decades, motivational posters, travel ads -and now our friends’ social media feeds- have captured these images and etched them deep in our minds.

Blinding white snow caps, coffee brown tree trunks, grey-green evergreens, and deeply tinted crags and outcroppings. These are elements that help paint our pictures of mountain adventures and tranquil, deep woods escapes.

While these colors are present in various stone deposits across the state, there’s also plenty more in store. As you venture a bit closer with your feet on the ground, you’ll soon begin to witness new colors emerge with awe-inspiring clarity.

Brown tones and gold hues

When exploring the scenery, you’ll begin to notice shops and storefronts clad in locally quarried stone featuring soft sand tones and dark chocolate hues. Cabins and chalets are aglow with warm, amber light that’s reflected in the golden accents of stone fireplace surrounds and exterior stone finishes. Across the region, everything from homes to outbuildings rest on rustic foundations of local sandstone. With a single clean stroke and a well-selected veneer, new builds are lent a feeling of timeless permanence.

Where it was simple to imagine a limited colorscape before, inspiration quickly blooms from the variety before us.

An ever-unfolding series of rich colors and warm tones invite us in.

The true beauty of Colorado stone compels us to stay.

Hedberg Home Brings Trending Stone Colors to Minnesota

With these brown hues and gold tones mounting a comeback, we’ve been hard at work expanding our collection of veneers in this classic color range. We’ve explored the trends, tapped our networks, and reviewed the options. Today we are excited to share a bit of what we’ve found.

From deep in the Colorado mountains, we’re pleased to introduce this eye-popping collection of natural stone veneers from our friends at Telluride Stone in Telluride, CO.

Santa Fe Ledge

Rustic contemporary meets southwest sophisticated in this recent addition.

San Miguel Tumbled

With its softened edges and dappled grays, tans, and golds, San Miguel will help to make your home a warm and cozy retreat.


Whether it’s a home in the city or a peaceful lakeside cabin, the rich and woodsy colors of Northstar will make it unforgettable.

alta smear

Old World stone with shades of copper and bronze; reminiscent of mountain villas and drives through the European countryside.